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The Platform is The Next operating mode of The Company Total Resources Integrated Management, the New Augmented ERP but this one is not just for the financial, and logistic Value Flows this is including the Intangible Values like Knowledge, Competence, Partnerships.

How that? We must accept that each Tangible Value transaction is based on a knowledge or competence to do it, the quality, and performance of the Tangible Value Flow is based on the quality of the Knowledge and Competence involved in this value creative movement or in the partnership Value Flow.

Once that the Value transaction is controlled like, business context and the different variant scenarios, are also designed, we can put the transactions, business context and variant scenarios in an IA algorithm and build an RPA process, but the Intangible Values, Knowledge, Competence, Partnership must be improved, to a bigger efficiency in a continuum process.

Improving Knowledge, Competence or Partnership is not a one time shot, is a collaborative task, actionable by the community around the process, but also anybody related to the process functioning and finality.

So, how can we manage the value contributions coming from so many Humans, so many profiles, jobs and qualifications? And going to tens or hundreds different Business Processes?

Only by building on the Platform, the Inside Market of the Intangible Values, like a Cognitive Workshop, capturing value contributions, from the Exchange-Synapsys linking the Value Centers or Value creation Drivers of the Company.

The Value Contributions coming from the different Humans Communities must be evaluated & validated aligned with the Company Business objectifies and the Human and his community rewarded. The reward will certainly not be in money units (euro, dollar) because it’s to early to have the financial contribution impact.

The value contributions can be consolidated with more others contributions part of a significant bigger Intangible Asset, rolling next into aggregated Intangible Asset present in the Non-Financial Company Reporting, the Intangible Asset will make a financial impact on the Company Market Value.

Intangible Economy can’t exist without rewarding mechanism, coherent, transparent with conversion options to financial currency.

We must stop considering Intangible Assets like attributes of the smart Humans,

hubcaps of our economic activity.

Intangible Assets are present in all business activities but we don’t identify them and neither the value produced by the Intangible Assets.

The Inside Market of the Intangible Values, otherwise the Cognitive Workshop is on the Platform a “constellation” of Value Centers similar to the “neurons “, so the “business neurons “are the Company business intangible value creation communities, let’s call them Value Centers.

The intellectual production, collected, and valued by the Platform value centers, workflows, sales data, analytics, RPA rules, AI reasoning scenario’s buried in apps this is the big part of the Company Intangible Capital. The Platform is the Competitive Production home.

ERP, Sales software, emotion-intention-divinatory mechanism-statistical based simulation, all the many different software must be able to “plug & play” on the Platform.

The data are in different ware- houses and different types of data-bases, the applications engines are like digital factories with go-in and go-out data, this billions of data must be transported light-speed from one process to the another, so for the Platform, logic deduction, Urbanism is key.

We have to create the Urbanism of the digital Company, like: communications highways, roads, path, highway interchange, API - interfaces like railway-stations or airports, workflows like city- roads, exhibition places, partners-communities like value production-units, competitive advantage value -centers acting like R&D value center, the Eco-system different partners with the Intangible Partnership Value creation centers acting like value-driver for the Company.

The Smart-contracts, the Twin -production, AI cross-domain-interoperability, robotics, Risk-mgt, will be plugged in the Platform “slots” equipped with interface re-configuration engines and connected to the “data-transport-vehicles” ready to drive to the Platform high-ways.

But all this accelerated world needs Intangible Value Management & Accounting able to Monitor-Count the Intangible Assets Production, put them in the Non-Financial Reporting, display this Intangible Value Drivers to the Stake-Holders to win Trust and Transparency help Governance.

Business World is just jumping in the New Era of the Integrated Values Tangible & Intangibles the Value-Chain’s are real-time converted, Human &Companies Intellectual Capital is the New Business Battlefield.

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