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The Intangible value is context dependent value so in a very dynamic business area like KNOWLEDGE, COMPETENCE, RELATION-PARTNERSHIP, IN EVERY instant of the business activities the business value of the knowledge, or partnership can change just because a sentiment or ressentiment, some words, or unclear intention.

It’s impossible to re-evaluate all the intangible value in an continuum updated context. And it is not important for the intangible economy.

The intangible values flows and assets will not be evaluated like investment, in EV (expected value) or Net value, impossible ways.

For an instant evaluation of “fair value “in a short decision process Yes or Not a piece of intangible value has a business value so we acquire it through a transaction.

The transaction is recorded in our Intangible Value Center , in the line with many others with the same purpose and we can estimate a NPV (net present value) for the whole Aggregated Intangible Asset around a “Business Purpose”.

The replacement or the missing value method is easier, it will be evaluated corelated by the business value generated or blocked by the existence or absence of the intangible asset or value contribution. Of course, this appreciation must be business value based on a fair value negotiation (no pressure) with at least two expert voices and an active market internally to the company

We are doing the exactly the same process today with all the Intangible Assets existing in Business: equity, bonds, NFT, ARTE, Patent, Information, Ideas, Designs.

So why we are blocked to do this for the thousands of intangible value transactions inside a company per day, because we think that we need thousands of qualified peoples to do that that is WRONG, in the today technology the system can be design and build in a couple of months.

If you are ready call me or send me an e-mail and react to this post.

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