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Liviu Cotora

Executive-level technology, design and development of new products, building early entry in the market for the new products.


Executive with an entrepreneurial spirit who leads companies to growth and market differentiation with a record of generating new business opportunities and developing lucrative partnerships.


Hiring, motivating, structuring teams in R&D, marketing, sales. Holistic view on the information technology, strategic analyst.


Managing business relationships, building credibility, and establishing immediate rapport with potential clients.

Whilst working with senior management teams through the process of designing and implementing different business management systems, became in Cotora's tradition to innovate through many technology waves and to help clients benefit of their entire value creation potential.

Recognition of the impact intangible assets would have on companies performance, led Liviu Cotora to the development of new business management solutions and methodologies to offer a more efficient approach to the management of all resources of a particular organization.

Liviu Cotora is a regular speaker within high-level international events; he produces white papers and articles on current subjects such as Strategic Performance, Intangibles Management and Corporate Value Management.


Cotora is today part of the leading thinkers' in intangibles management. He strongly believes that the next decades belong to intangibles just as the last ones have been dedicated to tangibles.

"There is no question that it is necessary to measure and manage intangible values such as know-how, competence or partnerships. The question is how to do that. It's not enough to say you care about the intangible assets and about their value creation potential. You must know how to identify, measure and manage the total value creation and the flows it generates inside the company. In this respect, companies have to benefit from the appropriate methodologies, technologies and tools."

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