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        Our Mission “Intangible Assets Accounting “community


              Liviu Cotora, 30 mai 2020

      Our “Intangible Assets Accounting”  community is a necessary foundation for building knowledge, skills, intangible assets: courses, methods, procedures, back-on-action  experiences, for the members, to understand  the Management of a Multi- Values Economy, necessary, for a next step in the History of Human Entrepreneurship, and Human will to create Value.


          The Economy of Intangibles stands as a natural extension of the Economy practised today, which meets in the centre the products, services, monetary and organises around an accounting plan and rules issued by standardisation institutions on planetary scale;


          All this organisation of financial flows and products is used, to be able to compare the creation of the Value of an organisation, by those who bear the responsibility, or who ensures the resources necessary for the activity of the organisation.


          Human is aware in this research of "knowledge of the creation of corporate wealth" and on the "how" we create New Value, that there are several types of Values ​​apart from those known and currently recorded , and this “Multi-Values”  well managed become resources for even more New Business Value recognised by the market, but not sufficiently explained, and not counted finely.


          Consequence we do not know how to identify, follow, verify, measured, over its entire course the creation of the Intangible Value, of its creation, starting with the action of Human on the Company Resources, so we don't know manage them properly.


       The Multi-Values ​​Economy which includes all the Tangible and Intangible values, recognised today and especially tomorrow and in the late future is the next awakening of Human in the learning of these intellectual, sentimental, intuitive capacities and their potential of value creation necessary for our personal and societal development.

            Intangible Economy is an augmented view of our Business Value Creation flows, processes, new organisational capital and a fascinating new discovered world with huge potential in Relationship Intangible Value and Assets.

         The today customer, suppliers, joint-business, alliances, supply-chains, ecosystems, will be much deeper and extensive Values Exchanges with not just products and services but Intangible Assets transferred along the relationship/partnerships.

          The New Integrated Reporting must be facing this Augmented Economy managing Multi-Values in multiple Measurement units but converting in the reporting basic measurement unit, when multiple Values with multiple measurement units responding to different type of Values, will be compared with others ecosystem entities.

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