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Intangible Economy is a system of interrelated intangible value flows used in the production of intangible products or services exchanged and consumed like intangible values in different economics processes.

The basic components of the intangible economy are knowledge, competence, relation-partnership, components of a multitude of others intangible values like: design, patents, software-created, virtual – complex constructions (metaverse, digital -twins, NFT, trademarks, all of them are combinations algorithms of this basic intangibles values, all others intangible objects or values are combinations of the basic ones.

Economic intangible value flow reflects the creation, transformation, exchange, transfer or extinction of economic intangible value; they involve changes in the volume, composition, or intangible value of an institutional unit's assets and liabilities.


The economic intangible value of the intangible flow is presented in different measurement units but converted at the end in financial unit and represent the marginal financial value at the company at final level.

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